Mercantile Bank specialises in a full range of vanilla treasury products for the business market. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailor-made treasury solutions to new and existing clients. In addition to flexible solutions and price transparency, our skilled teams provide service excellence with a personal touch.

Our dealing team and our back and front office are professional, efficient and responsive. Our treasury offerings include forex, money market solutions and Trade Finance, with products such as FECs, Derivatives, Call Accounts, Term Deposits, Structured Solutions, Letters of Credit, Trade Guarantees, Bills, Exchange Control Advice and more.

Foreign Exchange

As an authorised foreign exchange dealer, we can offer a range of services for both importers and exporters active in cross-border trade.

We enable you to trade in the spot market to lock in favorable rates for all your offshore dealings. Currently our Mercantile Treasury System allows for electronic trading at your convenience. Our system is a cradle to grave offering and is ideal for our partners and clients to manage their trading and document management through.

Protect your business from unexpected fluctuations in currency prices. An FEC is an agreement between two parties to exchange two designated currencies at a specific time in the future. Hedge your risk and protect your business from unfavourable exchange rate fluctuations.

A wide range of derivative products tailored to suit your unique risk profile. We can assist you with derivative contracts to hedge against risk (resulting from price movement in an underlying asset). By their nature, derivatives allow for leverage as they are either margin- or premium-based, rather than the full notional value. This allows you to manage your risk in line with your business profile: enjoy reduced brokerage fees by not having to trade directly in the underlying asset; take advantage of price movements in the underlying asset without needing to trade directly in it.

Purchase foreign currency from us should you wish to have foreign cash while travelling regionally or internationally. This is available from any Mercantile Bank Business Centre.

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Money Market

Get access to a number of money market instruments. With the highly liquid nature of its securities and short-term maturities, the money market is typically seen as a safe place to invest your business's funds.

Call Account - offers your business an attractive return on investment whilst providing immediate access to your funds if and when needed.

  • This enables you to earn competitive rates on any short-term surplus cash

  • 24-hour access to funds with no notice period required and no withdrawal penalties

  • Earn a higher rate of interest than you typically would with a current or savings account

  • Tiered interest rates

Enables you to invest money for a fixed period of time at a fixed interest rate. Interest is payable either monthly or on the maturity date of the deposit; you can choose from a range of investment periods and opt for the term that best suits your specific needs.
We can tailor-make an investment to suit your specific requirements. Structured solutions can be short- or long-term in nature and we can offer a range of fixed, blended or prime-linked interest rates; benefit from competitive pricing with direct access to our dealing room.

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Trade Finance

Our Trade Finance solutions are generally short-term in nature and allow you to trade internationally in an efficient, secure and cost-effective way.

These are used in international transactions by sellers and buyers to ensure payment. With the nature of international dealings including factors such as distance, different laws and difficulty in knowing your counterpart, the use of Letters of Credit has become functional and advantageous; trade securely and limit your export/import risk.
Facilitates international trade transactions and can reduce settlement risk for sellers and expedite the exporting of goods to buyers.
This is a common and popular means of obtaining payment in international trade transactions. We offer this product to assist you to facilitate payment from suppliers that are well known and trusted by you and you can also retain control of the goods traded.
We can also assist you with additional exchange control-related services such as:
  • Opening accounts for foreign payments (transfers inward and outward)

  • CFC (Customer foreign currency)

  • Assistance with your export/import documentation

We can assist you and your business in facilitating electronic foreign currency payments and currency transfers as and when required. Using SWIFT, a worldwide electronic payment and receipts network, transfers are fast, secure and efficient.

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Mercantile Online Invest (MOI)

Maximise fund management with Mercantile Online Invest

Mercantile Online Invest (MOI) enables third party fund administrators to manage clients’ accounts online, quickly, securely and efficiently. It’s ideal for attorneys, accountants, trust administrators, financial intermediaries and Accountable Financial Institutions or their agents. MOI offers a range of transactional banking tools, all aimed at optimising fund management.

  • Transact efficiently online

  • Gain greater control over available funds and investments

  • Earn a solid return for optimal fund management

  • Enjoy efficient and secure third party fund administration

MOI is an Internet-based product delivered through Mercantile Bank’s electronic banking system. It offers seamless and paperless processing of third party funds and offers administrators the following functionality:

  • Request to open MOI accounts in advance or close accounts whenever needed

  • Perform a range of banking transactions online 24/7/365

  • Deposit and invest funds to earn competitive interest rates

  • Make electronic payments

  • Transfer funds to linked accounts

  • Track account transactions and view or print statements whenever required

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